Graduates Speak

There is no competitor to Daat Center’s expertise. You simply see that they have been in the industry the longest and know the trade.

Nachman Tzur | Tzefas

Immediately when I finished learning I received a number of good job-offers. That’s the way it is when you have the Daas Center Diploma.

Chaim Miller | Rehovot

The fact that learned in a small group upgraded my entire learning experience, as well as that of my friends; we felt the personal attention and the ability to clearly understand the material.

Shimon Azulai | Tifrach

It was not easy to pass the course. It is comprehensive, very thorough and the staff is not pardoning to its students- they bring out their maximum potential. But when we go out into the industry, we have an enormous advantage.

Karnei Shomron | Koby Gizbar

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